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Resource Centre scores books from successful Book Fair


Look at all our new books!

The last week in May saw 450 primary school students visit Stanthorpe State High School to participate in Book Fair! The theme was “Lego – more than just blocks!” and the children loved participating in all the Lego activities on offer. The Lego Librarian and Lego Fire Fighter welcomed all students to the school and then together they read a story about the very first Lego Man in space. They were enthralled by the idea of 2 teenage boys sending a Lego figurine into space, constructing a craft that could film the entire journey. To finish the story, the uploaded film was watched via YouTube.  The senior drama students then invited the students to join them in planning a Lego themed disco. The characters and their “Zaneys” were fantastic with the children jumping up, shouting out and even displaying their best dance moves to the song “Everything is awesome”. After these activities, the students visited the Home Economics and Science departments where they learnt about the building blocks of nutrition with Mrs Richardson by making a paper box and filling it with nutritional, yummy food. Mr Morgan showed how science is fun by encouraging students to build working machines from Lego and then he wowed the crowd by programming the Lego robots and making them move! Cool! Free time activities included building with Lego, colouring in, making a Lego man’s parachute (just like in the book) and creating a stop motion Lego movie.

A new element to the Book Fair was the Lego man at a Stanthorpe Landmark competition. Students were asked to bring along a photo of a Lego figurine at a Stanthorpe landmark. Book prizes were given to the best, most artistic photos and the judging was very difficult due to the fantastic photos taken.

Visiting students also had time to browse the large array of books available for sale during Book Fair. There were books for all ages and the high school students took full advantage of the chance to purchase some of the latest teenage book series.

Due to the success of this year’s Book Fair, Stanthorpe State High School was able to obtain $650 worth of new books for their Resource Centre. “This is a tremendous boost to our fiction section” explained School Resource Manager Melissa Pascoe. “We like to give our students the opportunity to read new, exciting, latest edition books and now we have a lot of new books available to borrow.” New series include “The Last Thirteen”, “Sunsword Trilogy”, “Itch” and “Bear Grylls’s adventures”.

Thanks must go to the staff at Stanthorpe State High School for getting behind and supporting this event.