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Year 9 Humanities engage in global trade


As part of a Finance and Economics unit, Stanthorpe State High Year 9 Humanities students recently undertook an International Trading Game. It required them to utilise resources available to them like paper, scissors, rulers and protractors to make and ‘sell’ shapes to a ‘trader’ who could discount prices if the shapes were not perfect.

Groups of students represented countries and the resources provided to them naturally divided them up into high, middle and low income nations. Observers were appointed to report back to the teacher about what resources were being traded, the shapes being made and the conduct of different ‘countries’ in dealing with their neighbours.

Teacher Ms Kate Dearden said the games provided vital lessons in understanding how international trade occurred between countries, ‘It was fascinating to observe negotiations between students to access the resources needed to create the shapes. The students absolutely loved it but some found it really difficult because they represented a ‘poor’ country with limited money and only some resources.’