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Rules and policies

We at Stanthorpe State High strive to be:

  • Courteous to others
  • Co-operative with others
  • Considerate of others

This code is the guiding principle for all behaviour at Stanthorpe State High School.

Some principles upon which this code is based:
  1. Individuals must accept responsibility for their own behaviour.
  2. All behaviour has consequences which affect future opportunities.
  3. Irresponsible behaviour requires a response which protects the rights of individuals who want to learn; which support the rights of teachers to teach; which offers the individual involved a chance to learn how to make a more responsible choice in the future.
  4. A partnership between staff, students, and their families is necessary for successfully developing long term responsible behaviour.
This code may be interpreted in a number of ways. Here are some positive examples:


  • to display a welcoming attitude to visitors and newcomers to the school;
  • to apologise sincerely for wrong doings and to make good the damage done;
  • to move quietly around the school in an orderly fashion.


  • to abide by all policy documents in the school handbook;
  • to keep the school environment clean and in good order or free of damage;
  • to strive to do your very best both inside the classroom or outside.


  • to avoid interference in any way with others’ learning;
  • to avoid all forms of harassment so as not to make others feel uncomfortable or uneasy;
  • to refrain from all forms of violence whether verbal or physical.

Items not welcome in our school

  1. Things prohibited by State Law (e.g. drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornographic material, weapons, etc.)
  2. Any potentially dangerous items which may be used to cause injury or offence, e.g. laser pointers.

  3. Portable music players and CDs, hand-held computer games, skateboards.

  4. Jewellery or clothing outside the school dress requirements.

  5. Aerosol/spray cans (deodorant, paint, etc.), cigarette lighters and matches.

  6. Liquid paper, nikko pens, metal rulers.

  7. Chewing/bubble gum

  8. Mobile phones (these may be left at the office).

More information can be found in the student handbook (PDF, 2.3 MB) and the responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 607 KB).